Many of you will know I now have a new job and have been training ‘down south’ over the past 4 weeks, so apologies for the lack of updates! However, all you have to do is look at my Strava account to see that regular running will improve your 5k time, as well as improving your resting heart rate. I know the experiment wasn’t at all scientific, but hopefully it will inspire people to give it a try!

That’s the number 1 thing when it comes to fitness – you have to get up and do it!

Day 16

Well the running is working! I have some evidence to show that my 5K time is getting better! At the parkrun this morning, in freezing temperatures, I achieved my best 5K time of this year so far. I’m slowly closing in on my standard for last Summer! Check out the cool graph below from the Strava website:

Matched Runs
You can see on the graph my 3 park run attempts of 2016. My slowest effort, at 5:33/km was Day 2 of the experiment, and just 2 weeks later I have shaved off 23 seconds per kilometre. I can’t be anything but happy with this! However, next week needs a target. I want to carry on in this trend and hopefully, if the conditions are just right, I would like to see 5:00/km.

On a side-note, I got a shock when I measured my resting heart rate this morning pre-run! Check the chart below to see what it was.

Bodyweight (KG) Resting Heart Rate 5K Time Average Pace
85.2 54 25:57 5:09/km


Today’s song of the 5K: Money For Nothing – Dire Straits (YouTube Link).


You may have noticed that I’ve missed a few days training!? Well it’s not because I’ve had a really long sleep, it’s because I’ve been quite busy with other things and not had a chance to get on my laptop. Anyway, days 7 and 8 can be written off as rest days!

Today, Day 9, was parkrun once again! The knee was feeling ok, not 100% but it wasn’t going to be a limiting factor in my running. I was ready for the 5 lap course down at the park!

It was quite a cold start to everything, but I’m thankful the rain stayed away for the run. I could see that some of the ground around the park was muddy, so thought it would be a good idea to stay off the grass, although if you want to get out of the starting pack you have to do a bit of trail running! I managed to stay on my feet and pushed out the first lap quite quickly. I felt more prepared as this was the second time I’ve done the 5 lap course.

The second lap was nearly as good as the first. I was keeping up a respectable pace and decided to work out some kind of lap tactic. As the course seems to be either uphill or downhill, I decided to use the downhill section as a rest, recovering myself for the uphill where I would push harder. Lap 3 and 4 were quite entertaining as a lot of people would pass me on the downhill sections, only to be passed by me on the uphill! I know it’s not a race but it still feels good when you pass people. It also gives me a bit more determination if people are passing me too!

On the last lap I was getting tired, but I had really enjoyed the run. I think the cool weather (about 5°) was just perfect for me, it was a rather refreshing run. I even managed a half sprint finish, and crossed the line in 27:15. Not bad at all compared to last week!

I do however have some ‘not so good’ news, depending on how you look at it. Instead of using an older set of scales to weigh myself, I used my new, more accurate scales. If the figures below are confusing, don’t worry I haven’t actually put on 5kg in the past 3 days. I’m guessing the old scales were not that accurate. However, I am heavier than I thought I was! (Must be all the muscle!) 😜

Bodyweight (KG) Resting Heart Rate 5K Time Average Pace
86.6 60 27:15 5:24/km


Today’s song of the 5K: Tap Ho – TC (YouTube Link).


Well today I’ve been wondering what I could be doing while my knee heals up ready for tomorrow. I wanted something that I could do every other day, to go alongside the 5K run. Something that was upper body only. That’s when it popped into my head – what about a press up/pull-up combination? I see loads of these little things on the internet. So many press ups and so many pull-ups per day, I think i’ll give it a try.

So I started small. 100 press ups and 50 pull-ups. I think for the rest of the month I may make it a timed exercise, to give some kind of motivation to push harder each session. Unfortunately I don’t have a time for today, but I will record one on day 8.

Bodyweight (KG) Resting Heart Rate Exercise Time
81.6 61 –:–


Today’s song: Survival – Eminem (YouTube Link).


I got back out on the road again today! Although I didn’t log a great time, it was nice to get out, even if it was raining! The run took me around Rickerby Park, which was still quite muddy in places and unfortunately my knee was starting to twinge again. If you check out my split times on Strava (see right) you will see my first km was quite good, then the further I went the slower I got. This was pretty much all down to my knee. Therefore I have come to the obvious conclusion that I am not yet conditioned to run a 5K every single day.

I have been a bit over confident to think that I could run 5K every single day. I have done similar things in the past so why not now? Perhaps it is the amount of time I have spent not running combined with putting on a little bit of excess weight over Christmas?

So what’s my solution? Well firstly, I’m going to now run every other day. Hopefully this will relieve the pressure from my knee and help it recover properly in between runs. Secondly, I want some kind of exercise to fill the void on the off days. Perhaps some upper bodyweight work. I will have a think about this before tomorrow.

The stats for today aren’t great as I explained before, I started out with good intentions but just couldn’t keep up the pace. Hopefully with a day’s rest, the legs will be fresh for day 7!

Bodyweight (KG) Resting Heart Rate 5K Time Average Pace
81.7 59 28:35 5:43/km


Today’s song of the 5K: Speedline Miracle Masterpiece – Tunde Adebimpe feat. Sal P & Sinkane (YouTube Link).



I’d forgotten how boring treadmill running is! It doesn’t help that I was on there for nearly half an hour either. As my knee is still a little tender, I used run/walk intervals, which is why the time is so high. The treadmill was slightly better on the knee than the pavements so I’m happy I chose to do it, but I’ll be looking to get some outdoor action tomorrow!

I’m not quite sure if the run was recorded properly on Strava, as I’ve never recorded a treadmill run before, but I’ve got the times below anyway.

Bodyweight (KG) Resting Heart Rate 5K Time Average Pace
82.3 62 29:09 5:50/km


Today’s song of the 5K: Gangster Trippin – Fatboy Slim (YouTube Link).


I’ve labelled day 3 as a reconnaissance day. Unfortunately my knee is a bit tender still so I decided to walk a 5K route around Rickerby Park (Strava didn’t pick it up properly, perhaps because I was too slow?).
To be really honest it was quite a frustrating walk. I’ve never been restricted by anything other than my lungs before! I guess it’s good to have a rest/recovery day though, just didn’t think it would be on day 3!
Anyhow, when I’ve ran in the past it has usually been around parts of Bitts Park and Rickerby Park, so I was interested in finding out how the trails were after the flooding.

It turns out the trails are still quite muddy, if you intend to run them I would recommend trail shoes – or if you’re walking the dog then get your wellies on! The concrete paths on both sides of the river are fine, there are a couple of patches of mud but they’re easily avoided. Check out the pictures below (click to enlarge).

As today’s 5K was only a walk, and Strava seemed to have a little breakdown too, I don’t have any figures to go on other than my weight and RHR. Hopefully I will be able to at least manage a trot tomorrow!

Bodyweight (KG) Resting Heart Rate 5K Time Average Pace
81.9 65 –:– –:–/km


Today’s song of the 5K: You Can’t Be Told – Valerie June (YouTube Link).


So today I got myself down to Carlisle Parkrun! For those who haven’t been before, it’s a friendly, free, weekly event that times runners in a 5K around Morton’s Chances Park. I’ve been a few times before, the volunteers do a great job and you get a massive mix of runners, from beginner to advanced.

The course was a 5 lap around the park, and despite still nursing the end of my NYE hangover, I was up for it!
Lap 1. Good, I kept a steady pace with the pack. Not fast but ok.
Lap 2. I started to put a little kick in my run, getting free from the pack.
Lap 3. It went a little wrong… On the downhill section my knee started to hurt! Regardless, I was going to finish!
Lap 4. Not putting in a good pace by my own standards, I kept it slow for damage limitation.
Lap 5. Feeling ok. The knee was sore but not sore enough that I couldn’t pick it up for the finish.

Bodyweight (KG) Resting Heart Rate 5K Time Average Pace
82.1 62 27:45* 5:33/km

*Time according to Strava. Park run time: 29:29.

So the time today was better than yesterday’s, although it could have an effect on tomorrow’s time if my knee plays up. It might have to be a slow one!

Today’s song of the 5K: X Gon’ Give It To Ya – DMX (YouTube link).


Day 1 of the 5K-a-day challenge and I’m already regretting it! After the New Year’s Eve drinks, the 5K was probably the toughest run I’ve ever done in my life. The brutal combination of not having ran in 3 months, and plenty of drinks the night before, made sure the run was an absolute slog. You’ll see by the time below that it was definitely one of my slower runs! However I made it!

Bodyweight (KG) Resting Heart Rate 5K Time Average Pace
81.3 62* 29:02 5:44/km

*I used the previous days RHR as it was abnormally high this morning, probably due to the amount of alcohol I had the night before!

Don’t forget to check out my Strava profile on the right sidebar for more run details. Also, I’m going to post a song everyday that inspired me to get through the 5K.
Today’s song of the 5K: Losers – The Weeknd feat. Labrinth (YouTube link).


I’m not going to lie, my Christmas has been an extremely lazy one! There was even one day where I woke up, watched the Hobbit on DVD and then went to bed. I’m not talking about just the first part either, I’m talking about the whole 8 hours on all 3 DVDs. And yes, quite a few movie snacks were also involved!

So to make up for it I’ve decided to do some primary research over January. I’ve decided to run 5K every day of the month to see what happens. I’m not really much of a runner, unless it involves chasing a football or running out of the rain, so it could be quite interesting!

I’ll be measuring a few different things over the course of the month, obviously my 5K time being one. I will also be measuring my resting heart rate and although I’m not concerned about my weight I will also be measuring it, just for science!

Can running 3 and a bit miles per day affect anything? Let’s find out!