Well we are fully into the Autumn months now. The days are getting shorter and the leaves are falling, as is the temperature! So with that in mind, here are some tips to help you get the most from your outdoor training:

  • Base layers.
    This time of year can be cold and no matter how hard you train, you may not warm up enough. Throw on a base layer or a long sleeved/legged combo to keep the chill off your skin. You should also be wearing a hat and gloves in the colder months, as you lose a lot of heat from these areas. Use a technical running fabric to wick away any sweat, keeping you dry. I prefer Under Armour garments, because they’re cheap and do the job.
  • Reflect.
    It always seems to be dark, both morning and night. Make yourself seen by wearing reflective clothing or even lights. This is really important if you do a lot of road running, or run anywhere with a lot of motorists.
  • LeavesGet a grip.
    On your feet, that is. This time of year throws fallen leaves, ice and slush our way. The last thing you want is an injury from losing your footing. I prefer to wear trail type running shoes just to have that extra bit of grip. It’s also worth noting that you want shoes that have minimum mesh so ice and slush doesn’t get in.
  • Prepare for rain and snow.
    The Lake District gets on average 200 wet days a year! You can guess that the majority of these days are over the coming months. We also get 20 snow days, so wrap up warm. If you train from your car, always pack a spare set of clothes and a couple of towels to dry off quickly if need be.
  • Warm up accordingly.
    Your body takes a little longer to warm up on cold days. You should gradually increase your heart rate up to the workout rate over 10 minutes. Also, wait until you get inside to do your cool down stretches so you don’t get too cold.
  • Wet StepsPick your route/area wisely.
    Opt for well lit areas and routes so you can see where you are putting your feet. Rabbit holes are not good for ankles!
  • Stay hydrated.
    The cold seems to make us feel less thirsty, but we still need to replenish water just as we would in the heat. Staying hydrated will also help our skin in the cold harsh winds.
  • Run with a partner/group.
    This really helps with motivation on those cold mornings and nights. It’s also good to have someone around in case you do slip or fall.

So there’s my top tips. Do you have any? Answer in the comments below!