I’ll be totally honest with you. The gym isn’t for everyone.

It can be boring, repetitive and simply not appealing to many of us, yet we still need to live active lifestyles. So if you’re not too keen on the sweatbox, what other options are available to you? Perhaps you should get back into sport?

I say ‘get back’ into sport because our education system encourages us to play sport all through our school life. For me it was the last 2 sessions on a Wednesday afternoon. Believe it or not, P.E. wasn’t exactly a favourite of mine, but it did keep me active. When I left school I played recreational football for about a year and then for some reason, like many others, I just stopped.
Luckily now I play football at least once a week, and I can say my health has improved because of it (as well as other training). The thing is, I don’t play football to improve my health. I play because I enjoy it, and health improvements from it are a side benefit.

One of my previous posts (How many calories are you burning?) shows that playing sport can burn just as many calories as hitting the gym, if not more. So if weight loss is your game, why not play some sport? Of course weight loss isn’t the only benefit. Sport can make you faster, stronger and healthier. Also, because of the competitive nature of sport, perhaps you will push yourself more than you would at the gym?

Whether you love or hate the gym, there’s something different in playing sport. You get other elements that the gym can’t offer you. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you will know I always say that variety is the key to your health and mixing up your training is one of the best ways to stay motivated. So why not try some sport again? Book yourself a badminton court, ask around for any 5-a-side football groups or dust off your basketball and hit the hoops!