It’s no secret that some of us lack motivation when it comes to exercise. We start well, but then always seem to end up back at square 1. Whether it’s making excuses or just ‘forgetting’, many of us really struggle to stick to a workout plan or routine. Therefore, let’s have a look at some tried and tested methods to keep us motivated!

#1. Get a workout partner
There are many reasons why working out with a partner will benefit you, in a motivational sense these include:

  • Pushing you with friendly competition
  • Making workouts more enjoyable
  • Supporting you and your goals
  • Motivating you to stay committed to planned training sessions

#2. Join a club
Those who join exercise clubs are more likely to stick to it! Meeting like-minded people can really enhance your training by introducing new techniques, knowledge and passion.

#3. Set a goal
Setting goals gives you something to aim for. Without goals you would merely be exercising with no direction and no target. Every goal you set should be SMART:

S – Specific: State what exactly it is you want to accomplish.
M – Measurable: How will you measure if the goal has been met?
A – Attainable: Goals need to be attainable, not something you will never achieve.
R – Relevant: Is the goal worthwhile? Will it meet your needs?
T – Time bound: What is the time-frame to achieve your goal? This will help you keep motivated!

#4. Change your mentality
The key to changing your perspective on exercise is to make it something else. If your training is boring or feels like an uphill slug, change it. Make it fun, make it exciting, make it challenging. Many trainers will say that committing to an active lifestyle starts with you. If you don’t have the mindset to want to train then you could find it hard to progress.

#5. Sign up to a challenge
Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying you should throw yourself into the deep end and sign up for a marathon just yet! Start with little steps. Maybe sign up to a local 5km parkrun, or perhaps a fun mud event? Remember to give yourself a time frame to make the challenge an attainable one!

#6. Schedule a training time
Just like brushing your teeth before bed, routines help us to remember and keep motivated. Try to schedule your training times as consistently as possible, that way you will always have time for them.

#7. Variety is the spice of life
As described in #4, you must make your training interesting and enjoyable. A good way to do this is to mix it up a little! If you hit the gym one day, try some outdoor training for the next session.

#8. Log your progress
It’s sometimes hard to remember where you’ve come from. For that reason you should always log your progress. Take photos, measurements, diary notes, everything. When you feel like giving up just look at the progress you have made!

#9. Plan your schedule
This relates a little to #6 although not only should you plan a training schedule, you should plan for other daily things. It may sound a little boring but studies show that those who write down plans often stick to them!

#10. Reward yourself
Have you reached your goal? Recognise this by rewarding yourself! I don’t really like advising food rewards, so maybe reward yourself with something else. Perhaps a new pair of trainers or gym outfit?

I hope these tips help in your quest for fitness! Remember, it’s your determination and sheer grit that will make you succeed!