I’ve had a few people ask me about burning calories in the past. The main question being: “Which exercise, activity or sport burns the most calories?”

It obviously depends on a lot of things, for instance the intensity at which the activity is performed, or even your technique. I’ve found some general figures for the most common exercise machines and sports, so check them out below with their relative calorie usage.

Calories burnt per activity per hour (based on 75kg person).

Exercise Machine Very Light Light Moderate Vigorous Very Vigorous
Treadmill 375 525 675 788 938
Rower 188 345 450 713 863
Bike 150 338 450 563 825

From the figures above, it would seem that running on a treadmill burns more calories than both the rower and the bike. From just these 3 exercises you can see that the more of the body being used – the higher calorie expenditure.

Calories burnt per sport per hour (based on 75kg person).

Sport Casual Competitive
Badminton 263 450
Basketball 375 525
Football 450 675
Swimming 375 750
Tennis 450 525

Competetive swimming takes the top spot in our list of calorie burning sports.

Calories burnt per inactivity per hour (based on 75kg person).

Activity Calories Burnt
Sitting watching television 0

As expected, sitting watching television doesn’t do a great deal for you!

*All figures from calorielab.com, check out the site for more activities.