Muscle Food ( is one website gaining popularity as an alternative to supermarket shopping. They promise meats delivered straight to your door, in a fuss free way. The company aims to offer top quality meats and supplements to those passionate about sport and nutrition.

Let’s see what two of our writers thought about it in this review…


On time with great communication.
The whole delivery process was pretty good. When ordering I was given a date (confirmed in email) and on the day of delivery received a text message as a further confirmation. I was then sent another text with an approximate time of delivery. Once the order had been delivered, I received a final text to confirm. This may seem excessive but if you are out of the house it can be quite reassuring to know that your parcel has been successfully delivered.
Not quick, but with no issues.
The delivery process for some of the products wasn’t brilliant for me due to standard delivery taking up to a week on selected products (most supermarkets boast a next day delivery option at no extra cost). Once my delivery was in transit however, it arrived within the specified time with no issues to report.

BoxIce bag


Very good – food perfectly chilled.
A lot of people will be worried about whether or not the parcel is kept cold enough. My parcel arrived in a big box, with a layer of padding. Once the box was open it had a cold bag inside containing the meat, as well as 3 decent sized coolant bags. All the meat was perfectly chilled through, and the coolant bags were still frozen. The website states parcels are good for up to 72 hours after delivery, and I can believe it.
Packaged with care and attention.
The packaging of the meat and chilled products is really something I was sceptical about prior to ordering. However when my packaging arrived, it was plain to see that the care and expense taken to ensure a safe transit is second to none. The chill bags can also be put in the freezer and reused for picnics or in my case, to ice the joints after an intense workout!

Cold bagsEasi-Chill


Reasonably priced.
I ordered a ‘special half-price offer’ from the site, which turned out to be a really good deal. I got: 2.5kg chicken breasts, 2x 6-7oz rump steaks, 2x beef medallions, 2x 6oz hache steaks, 2x 6oz peri peri hache steaks, 400g low fat sausages, 2x 4oz steak burgers, 2x 4oz chicken burgers PLUS 1x 25g drillstock seasoning, 1x peanut butter protein bar, 1x coconut crunch protein bar, 1x profit whey protein concentrate all for £40.95. Their usual price being £81.10. I don’t think I would have bought it for the regular price, but they always seem to have deals on.
Fair pricing.
The prices of most products match those found at your local supermarket. The big savings however, come from the Musclefood offers – which are used as a clever marketing tool. These are pasted all over their website, with more deals and voucher codes being constantly emailed to you (check your spam) as well as the occasional money saving deal found via


Good enough to eat.
The meat on a whole is quite good. However, there are a few little things that I am picky about. The chicken has some excess fat on, not enough to put the weight up considerably but enough that you have to spend a couple of minutes trimming it before cooking. It also comes in a big bag, rather than portions. This isn’t a massive negative but it means you have to spend time separating the chicken before storage. The steaks have all been nice, and the ones classed as ‘low fat’ really look the part. All in all, the meat is very good when compared with supermarket meat, however a good butchers will provide higher quality cuts.
Low standards for a first time buy.
If this review was based solely on my first experience, I would tell everyone to avoid at all costs! My meat arrived in its impressive packaging looking great but when I opened a pack of chicken drumsticks, I was met by the strong pungent smell of off meat! I then opened the chicken breast only to find the same unwelcoming odour. The rest of the meat was fine and I must admit (after several complaints) I was given a voucher for the amount of the drumsticks and chicken breast but unfortunately, first impressions count.

Muscle Food


A good experience all round.
It’s not the first time I’ve ordered from Muscle Food and it probably won’t be the last. I can understand those who are dubious of having meats sent to them through the post, it doesn’t seem natural. However, in my experience I cannot fault them at all. Their delivery and packaging is on point, and the food is of reasonable quality for the price.
Support your local butcher for better meat.
With the amount of money Musclefood has invested in marketing, advertising and celebrity endorsements, I can see why they are increasing in popularity. The quality of their meats as a whole is very good considering that its high distribution volume and product range is much wider than any meat selection found in your local supermarket. However, I would always opt for the local butchers when choosing meat. Smaller production, better quality cuts which are hand picked by YOU. Also it’s always good to support local business.