Road to the Cumbrian.


The Great Cumbrian Run is getting closer and closer! Who has signed up? I have and I can proudly say that it will be my first half marathon. I would consider myself a novice runner so I will be training hard for the race and using this page as a blog of all my efforts. You can follow me on Strava (to the right –>) and be sure to bookmark the website!


So on the back of the Muckletoon 10K trail race last month, I’ve signed up to another! The Gateshead Trail 10K takes place on Saturday 13th August, across the country on the East side. I really enjoyed the trail running so want to do more! I’m guessing Gateshead will be a little flatter than Langholm, so perhaps I will do better?

July also started a bit slow for me, not having my first training session until the 6th. For the session we broke it down into 2 x 2mile reps. The first 2 miles were pretty good for me, hitting about 7:23/mile. The second 2 miles were not as good, and I only achieved around 8:48/mile. You can check out the times on my Strava account to the right (06/07/16 –>).

Work BikeOn a drizzly Saturday morning (07/07/16) I managed to get down to Carlisle parkrun. If I’m totally honest I thought this was going to be the one! All I could see was a new PB coming my way! However, things didn’t really go to plan. I started at the front of the pack and shot off like a greyhound. Before I got a mile under my belt I was gassed! I’d gone too hard too fast, I won’t make that mistake again. I plodding myself around the rest of the course and finished with a 24:36 – PB stays at 23:50!

Another wet morning off saw me get out on the work bike. Nothing of great note but it was a workout which may build my stamina for long-distance running. I did just over 30miles in 2:02:34 (11/07/16 – you will have to go to my Strava profile to see the full details).

Loch OreSo as I have mentioned previously, my job takes me all over the UK. I work for a cycling events company which runs 90+ events a year. I really enjoy it as I get to see some of the best bits of the country! I also like to get out on a run no matter where I am.

I was up in Fife (13/07/16) and I found a really nice looking loch (Loch Ore if you’re up there), which conveniently turned out to be exactly 5K around! I couldn’t miss the opportunity so I laced up and got round it in 24:28 at 7:52/mile. Not too bad an effort considering there were quite a few gates to get through on the trail. I thought I could do better on a second run out, and I did! (15/07/16) I got round there in 24:23 at 7:51/mile.

Bridlington ParkrunBridlington Coast
After the fun in Scotland I had a bit of a slack week. I did nothing of great note until the following weekend when I was working in Scarborough. I managed to get down to the parkrun in Bridlington (23/07/16) – and it has to be the most scenic one yet (pics above^). The course starts at a big manor house, which is quite impressive already, but then takes you along the east-coast cliffs. It was a hot day and the course had an interesting but hard trail section including some wooden style steps through the trees. I only managed a 24:57 at 8:10/mile.

On ya bike!Later on in July (26/07/16) I managed to get out on the bike again with the one and only Luke Russell from LGR Fitness & Rehabilitation, we got out west on a pretty dry day and managed a comfortable 38.4 miles in 2:51:29 – which included a short stop. Something interesting also popped up on Strava – apparently I maxed 52.3mph! Not sure I believe that!
Anyway, cycling is something I think I could get more into, or maybe even duathlons!

The next day, after the ride out, I was feeling a little stiff but still plodded on down to training with the uni crew (27/07/16) and I’m glad I did! During the training, I managed to get a few small PBs on Strava including – Best 1 mile (7:05), Best 1 kilometre (4:16), Best 1/2 mile (3:21) and Best 400 metre (1:18). I also managed to bag a 5th place trophy for the section between the path and the cenotaph in Rickerby park! #Flying

Last but not least for July – back to Carlisle parkrun (30/07/16). I felt ok on this run. Not great, not bad, but ok. I had a steady little run around the usual route in my home town and managed an average 24:26 at 7:59/mile. I was happy with this although I’ll be looking to get a PB again in the near future!

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