Road to the Cumbrian.


The Great Cumbrian Run is getting closer and closer! Who has signed up? I have and I can proudly say that it will be my first half marathon. I would consider myself a novice runner so I will be training hard for the race and using this page as a blog of all my efforts. You can follow me on Strava (to the right –>) and be sure to bookmark the website!


So I started the month slow, but that’s ok. I have plenty of time to get a training routine going. I’ve been getting back down to parkrun on weekends when I’m not working, and have also been training with the University crew. I actually managed to set a new PB at the 5K parkrun of 23:50, but I forgot to bring my barcode so unfortunately didn’t get an official time. You can however check out my result on Strava on the right of the page (04/06/16).

Muckletoon 10KEarly June also saw me going on holiday to Amsterdam for a week, and forgive me but my running shoes didn’t make in into my travel bag! It’s ok though, on return I managed to get out on a longer, slower run to get some miles under my belt. I ran part of the Cumbrian Run route and with some encouragement from a friend I managed 11 miles, albeit at quite a slow pace! (11/06/16)

Later in the month saw me run my first ever trail run! The Muckletoon 10K. I thoroughly enjoyed the run, which took the participants around Langholm and up and down some pretty steep hills. I have to admit I had to walk up one hill as it was so steep, although I still finished in 30th place (of 86) with a gun time of 57:57 (18/06/16).

Muckletoon 10K Results

Muckletoon 10k Results p1

10K Results p1

Muckletoon 10k Results p2

10K Results p2

Towards the end of the month I’ve been working away in Harrogate and Glastonbury! I managed to get my tourist legs down to the parkrun in Harrogate for the 5k (no barcode yet again!). It was quite a lot different to Carlisle’s parkrun, there was over 400 people in attendance! However, it was a scorching morning, and I only managed a time of 24:50 – not great! (25/06/16). While in Glastonbury, I thought I would try a negative split – where you run the second half of your workout faster than your first half. It was successful, however I think I may have got the pacing all wrong, as I could have run a bit harder on both sections (29/06/16).

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