Need an app to track your running or cycling? Look no further!

I’ve been using the Strava app on my iPhone for roughly a year now and all I can say is it’s brilliant! The app, originally designed to track cycling training, is very effective at recording your running times. Allowing you to link up with a Strava online profile, the app gives you instant connectivity to your Facebook friends, running pals, or the world!

The app gives you information on each run, including:

  • Distance – either in km or miles
  • Route – shown on a map
  • Time
  • Average Pace – per km or mile
  • Elevation
  • Estimated Calories

So already it’s quite a useful tool for training. As well as this, other features really enhance the app. These include:

  • Personal Medals – such as 400m, 1km, 5km, etc
  • Comparative Medals – against other people who have completed the route previously
  • Comments – your friends can comment on your activities
  • Likes – from your friends
  • Sharing – you can share to social media
  • News Feed – shows your friends activities

All of the above mentioned features are available on the free version of the app. A paid subscription allows other features, although for the purpose of this review we will only use the free app.

I use the app about three times per week, and each time is a simple case of pressing a record button, and then pressing stop once you’re done. It’s a very good app and does exactly what it attempts to. However, as the app uses cellular data, if you are in an area with no service available then the app will struggle to calculate or upload your activities. This isn’t really a negative of the app, more so a limitation. If you have good cellular signal then you will have no problems.