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The Lakes has been home to many great events, most of which encompass running, cycling or swimming. However there is a new event in town and it goes by the name of District L.

District L, a team based fitness competition, is being held in Park Foot campsite overlooking the beautiful Ullswater Lake. The structure of the event is quite different to your run-of-the-mill events that you might be used to; the fitness competition encompasses many different skills, from strength to gymnastic ability. It is held over two days, allowing teams of competitors to camp on-site as well as providing entertainment in the evening.

Teams are made up of six competitors; three male, three female. They will compete in multiple events and those who prove their worth will go on to the semi-final and then the toughest will reach the final. This is more than a team event though, spectators are encouraged to come and enjoy the festival style atmosphere along with competitors. Ullswater really is the perfect setting for this family friendly event.

For more information, head over to the event page by clicking the link below.

District L, May 20 – May 21
£75 per competitor (£450 per team), free for spectators.
Home to some of the greatest scenery in the country, Ullswater in the heart of the Lake District will be host to one of the most thrilling competitions in the country.

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