The secret to burning fat.


The secret to burning fat…

There is no secret! It’s as simple as pie. If you try not to eat all the pies.

Ok so I’ll explain it to you in its simplest form first – Eat less calories than you burn, you will lose weight. Eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight.

“But how do I know how many calories I actually burn day to day?” I hear you say…

There is a simple equation you can do to see how many calories your body burns at rest (sat on your bum all day). This is called your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) you can work it out by multiplying 25cal with your body weight in kilograms.

So it might look something like this 25cal X 60kg = 1,500cal

That means you would burn 1,500kcals per day sat on your bum! And to lose fat you would have to eat under 1,500cal that day.  Now, by no means am I telling you to start eating just 1000calories and run a marathon to burn that fat up. No no no, all you have to do is eat just under the amount of calories you burn through the day. This includes exercise and your daily activity. Please read on if you would like to learn even more!

I hope most of you get out of bed in the morning, get out of your front door and, well, do stuff. Like work, play, chase squirrels..? If you are doing these sorts of things you will be burning more calories than your BMR. This will give you a bigger calorie allowance to play with i.e EAT! Here’s an example – If your BMR is 1,500cal, and you know you burnt 400cals at the gym, and you calculated you burn around 150cals chasing that squirrel, you now know that you can consume at least 2,050cals that day. If you eat just under, about 1,950cals, you’re on the right track to burning that fat. See, it IS Simple!

Now here’s some home work for you to go away and do. Make your own little mantra up to keep telling yourself through the day. Something like ‘eat less move more’ or ‘chase squirrels don’t just watch squirrels’. Oh and most importantly ENJOY IT! Don’t make moving more and eating less a painful affair.


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