Ever had a bad tasting protein bar? They may be a quick way to get your protein fix on the go but they can often range in taste and texture! In this review, I’ve tried 5 of the top rated bars so you don’t have to. Check out the results below.

SCI MX Nutrition
Pro 2GO Protein Flapjack

The protein snack from SCI MX is quite a heavy bar, weighing in at 80g (with 21g protein). The ingredients are all packed tightly in, making the bar quite stodgy to eat. Because of this, it takes a little while to chew. However, in the mouth the bar is quite smooth compared to other much more grittier bars. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t totally grit free but it’s the smoothest of the bunch we’re reviewing today.
Taste-wise, it’s quite sweet. The sweet taste is a little artificial, however it’s not a bad flavour and I’ve definitely had worse!
Verdict: Not mouthwateringly tasty, but palatable and good for a quick protein boost.

Promax Meal Bar

The Promax range has been with MaxiNutrition since the days when they were called MaxiMuscle. It is one of their best selling products and it is clear to see why. The bar weighs in at 60g (with 21g protein) so it has less carbohydrate than the other bars. The texture is quite pleasant, and the flavour of this particular bar (cookie dough) is quite nice. They are quite stodgy, like the SCI MX bars, but make up for it with the taste.
Verdict: Low in carbs, high in protein and good taste. Overall the best bar of the day.

Protein Delite

The lightest of the bars at 50g (with 15g protein), USN’s little delight is exactly that. It tastes really good! However, the bar is a little light on the protein side compared to the others. It is only 50g in total so still has a 30% protein content, although at a similar price to the other bars it’s main selling point is the great taste.
Verdict: Tastes really good and is smaller and lighter than the other bars. Low amount of protein a slight negative.

Protein Flapjack+

PHD’s low sugar protein flapjack is quite a tasty bar, although as with other flapjack bars don’t expect a golden delicious flapjack like your granny used to make! At 75g (with 19g protein) it’s main selling point is low sugar content (1.9g). A reasonable amount of protein makes this bar a contender, once you get used to the unusual flapjack taste.
Verdict: A good balance of nutrients, although taste could be better.

Pro Flapjack

This flapjack is a bit more tightly packed than the others, making it slightly stodgy. At 75g (with 18g protein) the CNP bar has a good balance of nutrients. The taste is slightly artificial although it’s not a chore to get through the bar. The texture of the bar is a little bit gritty but you do get used to it.
Verdict: Quite nice, but not a favourite for today’s review.

Do you have a favourite protein bar? Let us know in the comments below.