With 2016’s fitness trends indicating a strong use of smartphone apps, I’ve compiled some of the best iOS apps available in the app store in a top 10 list!


1. Strava
Strava has to be my number 1 fitness app. If you followed my 5K a day blog page, you will know that this is the app I use most of all. Even the free membership offers users so much in terms of tracking and data. Originally designed for cycling, it also works wonderfully for running. Get it!

Price: FREE (with option of advanced membership)

2. Instant Heart Rate
This app is simply brilliant! I was a little sceptical of whether it was accurate or not so tested it alongside my polar heart rate monitor and it gave the exact same results. It can be tricky to get a pulse if you’re moving, but generally performs well when stationary.

Price: FREE (with upgrade option)

3. Nike Training
I’ve only recently starting using this app and I’ve been impressed. There are quite a few good workouts available to download straight away, with more being updated on a daily basis. I like that it tells you the exact equipment you will be using prior to the workout, so you’re properly prepared.

Price: FREE

4. Stronglifts 5×5
The 5×5 training method has been proven to increase strength in all the big lifts, so if strength is your thing, check this app out. You can log your data in the app and pick up where you left off in the previous session. It also provides charts to easily see your progress.

Price: FREE

5. Runtastic Push-up Pro
Want to do 100 push-ups? Give this app a try! I actually used this app last year – it was really good so it made the list for 2016. 100 straight push-ups seems a daunting task, but the workouts are designed in such a way that it builds up your strength over time. A great app for beginners!

Price: £1.99

6. Couch to 5K
Another great app for beginners! As with the push-up app, the Couch to 5K starts you off slow. This means it’s great for conditioning your body to run further each time you use it. They also do progressions, in the form of the 5K to 10K app.

Price: FREE

7. Full Fitness
I like this app simply for its library of exercises. It shows you how to do nearly every exercise, using videos and pictures. As well as this, you can also drag exercises into your workouts, creating custom routines to follow when your in the gym.

Price: £2.29

8. Bodyweight Workout
I love bodyweight exercise. It’s just so convenient and cheap that everyone should at least learn the basics! This app takes you through them with instructional images and routines. It is a little expensive for an app, but it oozes quality, something that free apps sometimes struggle to show.

Price: £3.99

9. First Aid
Ok, I know this isn’t a fitness app. However, it is a really good health app and as such, I believe everyone should have it on their phone. Whether your in the gym or outdoors, you never know when you might need the information in this app. Keep it close by!

Price: FREE

10. Adrian James
Adrian James has a few apps, all with a price tag. However, the quality and finish of the apps makes them extremely easy to follow. A personal favourite of mine is the six pack abs app, as it offers workouts for beginner to advanced levels.

Price: £2.29

Have you got any favourite apps? Let me know in the comments below!