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Writing an article for Fitness Cumbria could be your first step in building an online presence, or it could help spread the news about your already established portfolio. Either way, there are many benefits of writing for us:

Writer's pad
  • Increase you online presence
  • Target possible clients
  • Show your expertise to current clients
  • Link readers to social media pages/your own website
  • Share helpful information with the public
  • Contact and be contacted by other trainers
  • Promote your services via full profile (only available after publishing 5 articles)

At Fitness Cumbria, we will also support any inexperienced writers. We can proof-read submitted articles and discuss any necessary edits with yourself prior to publication. That way you can have full peace of mind that you are getting the desired information across.

What to submit…

When you submit an article to Fitness Cumbria, you are submitting it to fitness enthusiasts all over the county and potentially worldwide! Therefore you should aim to represent yourself to the highest possible standard, using your words and/or other media.

Current articles (below) give an example of the types of subjects we like to cover. However if you have an interesting article on fitness or a related subject, it is quite possible we would consider publishing it.

Author guidelines

We do have some necessary guidelines for article submissions:

  • Only original work will be published. The only exception to this is if the article has been published on your own personal website/blog previously and you own all rights.
  • Articles have no size limit, as long as they offer the reader something.
  • Articles should be written in a magazine style rather than an academic style.
  • You must own the rights to any picture/video you submit. We can provide an article image if you do not have one available.
  • Links are not prohibited unless discussed prior to submitting.
  • If your article needs editing, we will inform you of this – including any changes we feel would benefit the article.
  • We encourage the use of social media to share your articles.
  • We reserve the right not to publish articles if we deem them inappropriate for Fitness Cumbria.


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