From The Walking Dead to Resident Evil, I’ve always liked zombie stories! So it’s no surprise that this app is right up my street. The idea of creating a survival type app to increase your running performance is absolutely genius! Of course it won’t be everyone’s idea of fun, but if you’re into your survival stories then read on!

Before running with the app, you are prompted to connect a playlist (from iTunes or equivalent) so that your music plays in between radio transmissions. You can also set up GPS tracking and other settings like zombies hordes.
When you start your first run, Zombies, Run starts you off listening to a voice on a radio transmission instructing you what to do. It outlines a story of a zombie apocalypse and explains your role as a runner (in this case runner 5). After your initial joining of a survival group, you must prove your worth by going out into the world away from your ‘base’, in order to scavenge for supplies while outrunning zombies.
As you run, radio transmissions come in giving you story updates and information on supplies you have achieved/collected. As well as this, you also get notifications of any incoming zombie hordes. This means you have to speed up your running pace to escape them! Don’t worry if you’re new to running as the zombie hordes can be configured in the settings, so you can turn them off if need be.

The app is currently free, although this is for a 5 mission starting deal, with a free new mission becoming available every week. They also have a subscription version (currently £2.29/mo or £14.99/yr) which allows you access to all available missions as well as the ability to configure extra settings. It is available on both iOs and Android devices so most people can give it a go.

If you’re looking for some extra motivation during your runs, getting chased by a zombie horde will surely help! When a horde chases you, you hear beeping and prompts over the radio transmission. The beeps get quicker when the zombies get closer (as well as zombie noises getting louder) so you really need to pick up your heels to outrun them!

Another feature of the app is the Base. This is more of a game than a tool to help you train. You can build up your base to house more survivors, supplies, etc., although this isn’t a necessity of the app. Run logs are also available for free users, but for statistics a membership is required.

Check out this new trailer for the app:

I would recommend this app for anyone who is looking for some motivation to run, and especially for anyone who likes their survival horror!

And always remember, ‘Survival rule number 1: Cardio’ – (quote from Zombieland)