Road to the Cumbrian.


The Great Cumbrian Run is getting closer and closer! Who has signed up? I have and I can proudly say that it will be my first half marathon. I would consider myself a novice runner so I will be training hard for the race and using this page as a blog of all my efforts. You can follow me on Strava (to the right –>) and be sure to bookmark the website!

UPDATED 05/08/16


Well to start August off with something big (01/08/16), I decided to run home from work in Longtown all the way back to Carlisle! We’re talking a decent 8 and a half miles here, further than many of my usual runs. Anyway, it started out pretty good… however that soon changed! The sun was quite piercing, as it was just after 2pm and I can’t say I managed to run even half way without having to stop for a short break. I got home nevertheless, but it was an extremely disappointing effort. Regardless, I now have a time to beat! (8.5mile in 1:22:22 at 9:35/mile).

I’m usually pretty good at remembering things, most of all my sports kit. However, for the first August training session with the uni crew I forgot to bring my watch, so therefore have no stats to show (03/07/16). We did something a little different to usual and got some 100metre sprints out! Pretty exciting stuff really, albeit in a wet park on a slippery path. I still managed a nice 14.06 on my quickest attempt, which is faster than I had ever been in school! I think in better conditions, down at the sheepmount track, I could get a sub 13 second run. You’ll have to wait for that one though!

University Road RunnersAlso, while I’m talking about the uni running club, I’ll just leave this poster here. If you’re looking for a free and friendly club, come down and join us!

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