The quick hotel-room workout.

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If you’re away from home with no gym, pool or park in sight, what can you do to get your exercise fix? Give this quick hotel-room workout a try! With exercises ranging from beginner to pro, you may find it harder than you think! (All links go to demonstration YouTube videos)


Exercise Time/Sets Alternate Exercise
Jumping jacks 1 minute bursts x 2 (30 sec rest in between) Try burpees to make the workout more intense.

Jumping jacks and burpees will get your heart rate up, ready for your workout.


Exercise Time/Sets Alternate Exercise
Pushups 30 seconds x 4 (45-60 seconds rest between sets)
Squats 30 seconds x 4 (45-60 seconds rest between sets)
Luggage rows 30 seconds x 4 (45-60 seconds rest between sets)
  • To make harder, put more items in your luggage bag.
  • To make even harder, slow down your rep speed.
Chair/bench dips 30 seconds x 4 (45-60 seconds rest between sets)
Supermans 10 second holds x 3 for each side (alternating, no rest)
  • To make easier, rest on knees.
  • To make harder, hold for 15 seconds instead of 10.
Mountain climbers 20 seconds x 3 (30-45 seconds rest between sets)
  • To make easier, place hand on an elevated surface, like a step.
  • To make harder, go faster!

The workout above allows you to use all of the major muscle groups in the body, making sure you still get some good exercise even if you are restricted by your surroundings. For more workout tips, check out the exercise section of the site.

Have you ever been stuck without a gym? How did you workout? Leave a comment below!

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